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LED/SSL Technology and Packaging (Online Version)

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are gaining increased acceptance in a number of today’s applications. One big use for LEDs today is in Solid State Lighting (SSL). Solid State Lighting Applications require extensive understanding of the application and packaging. Thermal power dissipation, thermal cycling, moisture, and other mechanisms are critical for SSL applications. Engineers are required to understand a variety of disciplines in order to effectively design and develop these applications. This requires knowledge of subjects like: design, testing, technology, processing, materials science, chemistry, and even optics! Poorly designed devices can lead to low yields which in turn can lead to customer returns and idle manufacturing lines that can cost a company millions of dollars a day. Your industry needs competent designers and technologist to help avoid these problems. LED/SSL Technology, Packaging, and Applications is a 2-day course that offers detailed instruction on LED manufacturing and packaging, as well as applications. This course is designed for every manager, engineer, and technician working in the LED/Solid State Lighting field, developing packaging for these components, using these components in SSL systems, or supplying tools to the industry.

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What Will I Learn By Taking This Class?

Participants learn to develop the skills to determine what design and technology approaches should be applied, and when they should be applied. This skill-building series is divided into three segments:

  1. LED Technology. Participants learn the fundamentals of LED processing. They also learn advanced techniques used to increase efficiency in these devices and reduce sources of leakage and power dissipation.
  2. LED Packaging. Participants learn the strengths and weaknesses of various packaging techniques. We pay particular attention to thermal dissipation issues, including coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal diffusivity.
  3. LED Applications. Participants learn about the numerous LED applications. We specifically address solid state lighting initiatives, where LED devices are expected to be used in large quantities.
  4. Case Histories. Participants identify how to use their knowledge through the case histories. They learn to identify key pieces of information that allow them to determine the potential problems and how to proceed.

Course Objectives

  1. The seminar will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of LED Technology.
  2. The participant will be able to determine how to evaluate an LED technology for a given application.
  3. The seminar will identify the advantages and disadvantages various packaging techniques for LEDs.
  4. The seminar offers the opportunity to ask questions to a world-recognized expert in the field of LED packaging and systems design.
  5. The participant will be able to identify basic technology features on a semiconductor LED.
  6. The participant will be able to identify a variety of different failure mechanisms and how they manifest themselves.
  7. The participant will be able to identify the appropriate equipment to purchase when starting or expanding an LED manufacturing operation.

Course Outline

LED/SSL Technology and Packaging Course


  1. LED SSL Course Outline
  2. LED SSL Introduction
  3. LED Device Physics
  4. LED Package Families
  5. LED Wafer Manufacturing Overview
  6. LED Assembly - Part 1
  7. LED Assembly - Part 2
  8. LED Assembly - Part 3
  9. LED Test and Yield
  10. LED Packaging Materials
  11. LED Package Reliability Introduction
  12. JEDEC 51 and LED Thermal Performance
  13. LED Package Thermal Performance
  14. LED Thermal Interface Materials
  15. LED Test and Characterization
  16. LED Market Trends
  17. LED Appendix
  18. Quiz: LED/SSL Technology and Packaging