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We understand that you are an innovator. You’re constantly looking for new ways to do your job better: ways to discover, analyze, and create. You are the driving force behind the industry and the key to a brighter, more dynamic future.

We are your toolbox. Our mission is to give you the skills you need to excel via next-generation online training, full-color manuals, and live semiconductor training courses presented by industry experts. We offer public courses in various categories, including technology introductions, yield/reliability improvement, test engineering, packaging, and wafer processing and integration.

We unlock your company’s potential through in-house training and learning management. Our customizable in-house courses can directly address your company’s needs. Or, for an even more flexible solution, Semitracks’ learning management team can contribute, create, edit, and package multimedia content into a custom online training database for your company.

We also provide free reference material and user discussion forums where engineers, scientists, and technicians can discuss problems and issues they face in their day-to-day jobs.

Chris Henderson, Tom Moore, Ed Cole, and Dan Barton founded Semitracks in 2001. Their vision: to bring affordable education to the semiconductor industry based on expert knowledge and people working in the industry who understood the problems semiconductor scientists, engineers, and technicians face every day. In 2003, Semitracks launched its online training initiative.

A Message from the President


Training is becoming critical to the success of your company. Semiconductor technology continues to advance rapidly, making today's knowledge and techniques obsolete by tomorrow. We offer up-to-date training in analysis, design, packaging, processing, reliability, technology, and test to allow you and your staff to keep abreast of the latest developments and their impacts. Learn about the latest techniques for analyzing complex devices. We cover all the techniques from the simple (like Liquid Crystal) all the way to complex ones (for instance PICA and Laser Voltage Probing). Learn the secrets of analyzing a component right every time. One failure analysis tool in particular is helping to revolutionize the analysis and characterization industry. The Focused Ion Beam (FIB) has been one of the most versatile and powerful tools introduced into the Semiconductor Industry over the past 10 years. Increasingly, engineers turn to this tool for device modification, examination, mask repair, and an increasing number of other tasks. Our FIB expert guides you through an in-depth look at the FIB, its physics of operation, its capabilities, and the increasing number of tasks it handles. Today, Reliability is a critical element to the success of any semiconductor product. Reliability margins are increasingly squeezed by today’s deep sub micron technologies. Learn about the major reliability failure mechanisms, test structures, and test equipment. Learn how to optimize reliability, performance, and cost. Defects are becoming more and more difficult to detect in today’s nanometer technologies. Fault models do not always accurately depict what occurs on the silicon. Ever wonder how the experts deal with this growing problem? Come and learn how defect-based testing is becoming a must for anyone attempting to locate, characterize, and isolate defects. Electronic packaging is quickly becoming a critical competency that allows companies to differentiate their products. Issues such as copper/low-k dielectric integration, analysis, thermal dissipation, electric performance, and integration of multiple technologies are all critical issues with new packaging designs. Learn from our experts as they guide you through the pitfalls, issues, concerns, and challenges associated with advanced packaging. Process integration is becoming more challenging with each technology node. The fortunes of your company may depend on how successfully you and your team can integrate disparate processing steps into a single, optimized flow. Our expert in Process Integration and Mixed Signal Design guides you through the critical and challenging aspects of this topic, covering both digital and analog issues related to process integration.

As we like to say, come and learn from the experts!

Christopher L. Henderson

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