IC Packaging Design and Modeling

The semiconductor industry faces an increasing paradox: making devices smaller and smaller, driving prices down, and increasing the array of applications, despite increasing challenges related to component packaging. Semitracks' 3-day IC Packaging Design and Modeling course faces these challenges by offering detailed instruction on the design and modeling of semiconductor packages. We especially emphasize package interactions with the die.

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IC Packaging Technology and Metallurgy

Semiconductor and integrated circuit developments continue to proceed at an incredible pace. For example, today's microprocessor chips have one thousand times the processing power of those a decade ago. These challenges have been accomplished because of the integrated circuit industry's ability to track something known as Moore's Law. Moore's Law states that an integrated circuit's processing power will double every two years. This has been accomplished by making devices smaller and smaller. The industry is also pushing to use semiconductor devices in an increasing array of applications. To accomplish this, the industry is also driving prices down. This has created a number of challenges related to the packaging of these components. IC Packaging Technology and Metallurgy is a 3-day course that offers detailed instruction on the technology issues associated with today's semiconductor packages.

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Semiconductor Reliability

A semiconductor device is only as good as its reliability: the probability that it will perform its function under specified conditions for a set time. Today's ICs possess shorter lifetimes and reduced reliability margins, and rapid developments have led to the use of materials that are not well characterized. While reliability levels are at an all-time high level in the industry, rapid changes may lead to unintentional failures and the inability to predict when devices might fail.

Your company needs competent engineers and scientists to solve reliability problems. Semitracks' 3-day Semiconductor Reliability training course offers detailed instruction on how to determine what failure mechanisms might occur, test for them, develop models for them, and eliminate them from the product.

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