Introduction to Electronic Design Automation

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The semiconductor industry is full of valuable professionals who are not technologists. They form the infrastructure of high tech companies to make them successful. However, these non-technical professionals are often unfamiliar with the technology that drives their businesses. They need a basic knowledge of chip design and manufacturing to strengthen their understanding of their companies' purpose and goals. Much of the educational material available today contains too much complex information for non-technical professionals and is not relevant to their interests and needs. This short course provides an overview of the processes for designing and creating the amazing semiconductor chips that have changed the world. It simplifies the complexities of the industry, making technology concepts easy to grasp for everyone.

This course is designed to provide non-technical professionals with a working knowledge of how chips are designed and manufactured. It will enrich employees' understanding of their company's business, making them even more valuable contributors. Finally, it makes high tech interesting and understandable to people in areas outside technology. The course includes hands-on parts to view actual chips in various stages of manufacturing. The subjects are presented in an open, upbeat style that encourages everyone to become interested in the exciting semiconductor industry.

What Will I Learn By Taking This Class?

During the course, participants learn:

  1. What a semiconductor chip is
  2. What kinds of semiconductors are being built today
  3. Basic terminology
  4. How chips are manufactured
  5. What electronic design automation (EDA) is
  6. The fundamental steps to designing a chip

This course is for people who are:

  1. Unfamiliar with semiconductor technology
  2. Unfamiliar with electronic design automation
  3. A professional in a non-technical role new to the semiconductor industry
  4. Interested in an overview of chip technology in layman's terms
  5. In need of a basic understanding without becoming overwhelmed with technical concepts
  6. Pressed for time and want to learn a lot in a single day
  7. In fields such as: Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, Human Resources, Administration, Market Communications, Infrastructure, Technical Writing, Employee Education
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