2005 April Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1

April 2005

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1. Course Schedule

Invest in yourself and your staff. Time is running short to enroll in our Spring courses on Semiconductor Reliability, Failure and Yield Analysis, FIB Technology, and Packaging. Come and learn from the experts!

IC Packaging

Electronic packaging is quickly becoming a critical competency that allows companies to differentiate their products. Issues such as copper/low-k dielectric integration, analysis, thermal dissipation, electric performance, and integration of multiple technologies are all critical issues with new packaging designs. Learn from our experts as they guide you through the pitfalls, issues, concerns, and challenges associated with advanced packaging. Let your colleagues know!!

IC Packaging Design and Modeling (May 2-4) – Munich, Germany

IC Packaging Technology and Challenges (May 5-6) – Munich, Germany

FIB Technology

The Focused Ion Beam (FIB) has been one of the most versatile and powerful tools introduced into the Semiconductor Industry over the past 10 years. Increasingly, engineers turn to this tool for device modification, examination, mask repair, and an increasing number of other tasks. Our FIB expert Bobby Hooghan guides you through an in-depth look at the FIB, its physics of operation, its capabilities, and the increasing number of tasks that it handles. This course features hands-on training on the FEI instruments located at the University of Limerick. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

FIB Technology (May 3-4) – Limerick, Ireland

Process Integration

Process Integration is becoming more challenging with each technology node. The fortunes of your company may depend on how successfully you and your team can integrate disparate processing steps into a single, optimized flow. Lily Springer, our expert in Process Integration and Mixed Signal Design, guides you through the critical and challenging aspects of this topic. She covers both digital and analog issues related to process integration. Let your colleagues know!!

Semiconductor Process Integration (May 4-6) – Munich, Germany

Failure and Yield Analysis

Are you new to failure analysis? Does your position require you to have an understanding of failure analysis? Learn about the latest techniques for analyzing complex devices. We cover all the techniques from the simple ones (such as Liquid Crystal) all the way to complex ones (such as PICA and Laser Voltage Probing). Learn the secrets of analyzing a component right every time.

Failure and Yield Analysis (May 9-12) – Munich, Germany


Reliability is a critical element to the success of any semiconductor product. Reliability margins are increasingly squeezed by today’s deep submicron technologies. Learn about the major reliability failure mechanisms, test structures, and test equipment. Learn how to optimize reliability, performance, and cost.

Semiconductor Reliability (May 18-20) – Munich, Germany

To register for our courses, register online or download the registration form. Fax completed form to Semitracks at (505) 858-9813, or call (505) 858-0454 to register by phone.

We offer other courses as well as in-house courses. For more information, visit our website at http://www.semitracks.com.

2. Upcoming Conferences

International Reliability Physics Symposium

April 17 – 21, 2005 San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California Booth #409

Visit Semitracks at the International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS). We will be demonstrating our new online training materials. Christopher Henderson, President of Semitracks, will also be presenting Tutorial #131: “Failure Analysis Fundamentals and Advanced FA for Nanotechnology.”

Semicon West

July 12-14, 2005 Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis

November 6-10,2005 San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA

3. Our Mission

Education and Training for the Electronics Industry

Semitracks provides education, training, and certification services and products for the electronics industry. We specialize in serving Semiconductor, Microsystems and Nanotechnology suppliers and users. Semitracks Inc. helps engineers, technicians, scientists, and management understand these dynamic fields. We offer courses in Semiconductor Reliability, Test, Packaging, Process Integration, Failure and Yield Analysis, and Focused Ion Beam technology. Learn from the Experts.

4. Semitracks Segment of the Month

Semitracks’ new and improved online training is convenient, up-to-date, and cost effective. Access the same material presented in our courses whenever you need it, right when you need it without having to worry about the high costs and hassle of traveling. The semiconductor field is an ever-changing one. With access to the most current information, you can stay on top of the new technology. Online training is also very cost effective. For only $500 per year, you gain access to thousands of dollars worth of courses and course material.

Give our online training a try – for free. This month’s topic is Wafer Cleaning.

Wafer cleaning is a critical component of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

This segment is no longer available. If this topic interests you, perhaps you would be interested in our Online Training. For more information or to sign up, click here.

5. Technical Tidbits