Corporate Advantages

Nine Advantages for Semitracks Online Training

1. No need to travel. While travel may be necessary for customer communication and interaction, it's no longer necessary for learning. Why not reduce your travel costs and invest those savings back into your staff? With our online training, your employees can access material from work, home, or even the road if necessary. We have seen companies save as much as 70% by migrating live training into an online environment. Use the system to enhance a blended learning environment, where some key training elements are live, and others are online.
2. Integrated materials. Use our content; add your own content. We can supply general information or specific topics, and your users can add their own materials into the system. Set up discussion groups for particular job functions, or topic areas.
3. Develop training for your personnel. Do your personnel need customized training materials and tracks? No problem - Semitracks' Learning Management Systems allows you to design and implement appropriate training materials for a variety of technical job assignments. Training comes to your employees when they're available. Personnel can log on first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, or even at the end of the day once the kids are in bed. You can track involvement, and issue certificates for completed courses.
4. Deliver training to your customers. With our Learning Management System, you can teach your customers how to use your hardware, software, design tools, chips, whatever the product or service might be. Provide content so that your service personnel are never without help. The system allows you to maintain your materials in one database that is current and up-to-date. You can set up permissions to allow access to some materials, and not others, allowing your customers and personnel to use the same system seamlessly.
5. Learn from the experts. If you choose to include our content, our course material was developed by experts who actively work in their respective fields. For instance, our packaging design material was developed by a packaging design and modeling expert who works as a packaging designer day-in and day-out. He is intimately familiar with the issues surrounding packaging design. In fact, all of our instructors are industry veterans and leaders in their fields. They're adept at making presentations, eager to answer your questions, and familiar with the issues you face. Our material covers the latest technical trends in the industry. Whether it's Lo-K dielectric reliability, optical beam probing, analog circuit design, wafer level chip-scale packaging, or at-speed testing, we've got you covered. Our material can not only help train you in a particular topic, but it can also serve as a reference library whenever you need to research something quickly.
6. An excellent investment for your company. For $500 per person per year (even less for larger groups), you have access to a whole range of topics, including analysis, design, packaging, processing, reliability, technology, and testing of semiconductor devices. These presentations are written by industry experts with years of experience solving real-world problems. Your employees probably spend more in time simply searching for the information than our system costs.
7. Easy access. Our material is completely searchable. Users can locate topics or even a word mentioned within a presentation. The search engine locates where a topic, concept, or word is used, right down to the slide in which it appeared. This makes our system an excellent resource for problem-solving. Engineers can quickly learn about existing problems and how to tackle them, saving your company thousands or maybe millions of dollars in some instances.
8. Available worldwide. With our Learning Management System, the material is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you have a high speed (DSL/Cable) connection to the internet, a commonly available web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and the Adobe Flash player plug-in (version 10 or later), your personnel and customers can access our material from anywhere in the world. You can implement a system that your global organization can access. E-mail, documents, and other corporate information is moving to the "cloud"; why not move your training to the "cloud" as well.
9. Invest in your company's future. Study after study shows that those who learn new subjects and increase their understanding of existing subjects do a better job, and are generally more excited about the company they work for. Why not invest in them?
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