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Ten Advantages to Semitracks Online Training

1. No need to travel. Unless you have been on another planet, you know that traveling is no longer very enjoyable (long check-in lines, security screenings, cramped seating, poor service, and non-existent amenities). With our online training, you can access material from work, travel, or even home. Travel
2. No need to schedule. With our online training website, the material is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can log on first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, or even at the end of the day once the kids are in bed. Your training comes to you when you're available. Schedule
3. No need to hurry. When you access our online training website, you can watch whatever material you would like for up to one year. If you need longer, simply renew your account. You'll want to, since we constantly upload new material and update existing material. Flexibility
4. Learn from the experts. Our course material was developed by experts who actively work in their respective fields. For instance, our packaging design material was developed by a packaging design and modeling expert who works as a packaging designer day-in and day-out. He is intimately familiar with the issues surrounding packaging design. In fact, all of our instructors are industry veterans and leaders in their fields. They're adept at making presentations, eager to answer your questions, and familiar with the issues you face. Experts
5. Reliable, current information. Our material covers the latest technical trends in the industry. Whether it's Lo-K dielectric reliability, optical beam probing, analog circuit design, wafer level chip-scale packaging, or at-speed testing, we've got you covered. Our material can not only help train you in a particular topic, but it can also serve as a reference library whenever you need to research something quickly. Current Information
6. Integrated materials. Although others may offer access to many topics, they require you to pay for each topic you wish to access. We know that learning doesn't happen that manner. You wish to follow a particular line of thought or explore the nuances of a particular topic. With our website, it's easy to follow an individual learning path. Simply locate the subjects of interest and follow the links, search for new material, or start again on a new subject. Learning should be on your terms. Integrated Materials
7. An excellent investment. For $500 a year, you have access to a whole range of topics, including analysis, design, packaging, processing, reliability, technology, and testing of semiconductor devices. These presentations are written by industry experts with years of experience solving real-world problems. Why pay thousands of dollars to learn only one topic in a university or in a short course? Education should be affordable, and we're making good on that statement. Excellent Investment
8. Easy access. Our material is completely searchable. You can locate topics or even a word mentioned within a presentation. The search engine locates where a topic, concept, or word is used, right down to the slide in which it appeared. Easy Access
9. Available worldwide. As long as you have a high speed (DSL/Cable) connection to the internet, a commonly available web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and the Adobe Flash player plug-in (version 10 or later), you can access our material from anywhere in the world. Available Worldwide
10. Invest in your future. Study after study shows that those who are willing to learn new subjects and increase their understanding of existing subjects are better paid, more confident, and more excited about the future. Why not invest in yourself? Investment
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