ESD Circuits and Devices


By Steven H. Voldman

ESD Circuits and Devices provides a clear insight into the layout and design of circuitry for protection against electrical overstress (EOS) and ESD. With an emphasis on examples, this text:

  • explains ESD buffering, ballasting, current distribution, design segmentation, feedback, coupling, and de-coupling ESD design methods;
  • outlines the fundamental analytical models and experimental results for the ESD design of MOSFETs and diode semiconductor device elements, with a focus on CMOS, silicon on insulator (SOI), and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technology;
  • focuses on the ESD design, optimization, integration and synthesis of these elements and concepts into ESD networks, as well as applying within the off-chip driver networks, and on-chip receivers; and
  • highlights state-of-the-art ESD input circuits, as well as ESD power clamps networks.

Continuing the author’s series of books on ESD, this book will be an invaluable reference for the professional semiconductor chip and system ESD engineer. Semiconductor device and process development, quality, reliability and failure analysis engineers will also find it an essential tool. In addition, both senior undergraduate and graduate students in microelectronics and IC design will find its numerous examples useful.

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