Microelectronics Failure Analysis DVD Lecture Series

Presented by: The University of New Mexico, Soft-Test and Semitracks

Semitracks has partnered with Soft Test, Inc. and the University of New Mexico to offer a comprehensive lecture series that covers a wide range of topics associated with semiconductors and failure analysis. The University of New Mexico invited eighteen experts to give a total of 30 lectures associated with Failure Analysis. The goal was to fill a gap in instruction at the university level and expose students to the thoughts from leading practitioners in the field. These lectures provide a wealth of practical information and insight into current FA issues.

Each guest lecturer is currently practicing Failure Analysis in industry and offers a unique view based upon their actual experience. The series addresses several major subject areas: Electron, Optical, SQUID & Atomic Force Microscopy, MEMS Failure Analysis, Integrated Circuit Debug and Validation, and Advanced Fault Isolation Techniques.

Each of the 30 lectures is approximately 75 minutes long, total lecture time is approximately 37.5 hours. All lectures are available in their entirety on DVD.

The lectures were presented at the UNM and the audience consisted of local UNM students, engineers from the area (Intel, Sandia Labs, Los Alamos Labs), and a nation wide audience from the National Technology University (NTU).

You can purchase the entire Lecture Series Set (30) lectures for $1,000 or they are offered in sets of 3 lectures per DVD, priced at $149 per DVD. Discounts are offered for purchases of 3 or more individual DVDs. The Power Point notes used in the lectures are included with your purchase.


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