Rich Anderson - Sandia Labs

Rich has been the manager of the Sandia National Labs Failure Analysis group for twenty years. The group has excelled in world contributions for techniques for FA. Rich won a Best Paper Award in 1994 from the IRPS.

Dan Barton - Sandia Labs

Dan has worked in FA at Sandia Labs for over fifteen years. He was also the General Chair of the ISTFA conference in 2000 and is the Vice-Chair of the EDFAS Board. He has lectured extensively for Semitracks, Inc. in failure analysis.

Mike Bruce - AMD

Mike has over ten years experience with AMD as a failure analyst. He was co-winner of the 2001 ISTFA Best Paper on critical timing path identification. He serves on the EDFA Magazine Board. He has over 65 patents in FA.

Kathy Clark

Kathy was a senior engineer at Intel Corporation (1978-2002). Most of her Intel career was in Yield Engineering and Failure Analysis. Her last position (2000-2002) was a Group Leader of Yield and Failure Analysis for Intel's Fab22 in Chandler, AZ. She has a BS in Materials Science (University of Portland, Oregon 1993) and an MSEE from Arizona State University, AZ.

Lawrence Clark - UNM

Larry spent ten years has a design manager for Intel in Chandler, Arizona. He led the design on several Intel low power products. He is an Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico.

Ed Cole - Sandia Labs

Ed was the chair of the ISTFA conference, General Chair of the EDFAS society, and has won several Best Papers at ISTFA and IRPS. He has lectured in FA short courses for Semitracks, Inc. at several countries. He is the Editor of the FA magazine EDFA. He developed the –IVA techniques at Sandia as well as co-developed critical path timing analysis tools that won a Best Paper at ISTFA in 2001.

Al Crouch - Inovys Corp.

Al Crouch is the Chief Scientist at Inovys Corp., and his research interests include portability and reusability issues, test scheduling with SoC vectors, low-cost test, and design and test interoperability to facilitate debugging and diagnosis. Prior to Inovys, Al was a design for test engineer at Motorola. He authored the book: Design for Test for Digital IC’s and Embedded Core Systems, Prentice-Hall Pub, 1999.

Professor Chuck Hawkins - University of New Mexico

Chuck Hawkins is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. at the University of New Mexico where he teaches courses in Microelectronics Test Engineering, Reliability, Failure Analysis, and Digital Electronics. His research is in the electronics of CMOS IC defects and failures, and in location and analysis of critical timing paths.

He was the Program Chair of the International Test Conference in 1993 and the General Chair in 1996. He won several Best Paper Awards with colleagues at ITC and at the ISTFA Conferences. He was the Editor of the failure analysis magazine EDFA (Electron Device Failure Analysis) from 1999 through 2003. He has worked with the integrated circuits group at Sandia National Labs for 20 years, and did a 4-month sabbatical leave at the Intel Corp. in 1997. He has co-authored three books, the latest being: CMOS Electronics: How It Works, How it Fails, Wiley-IEEE Press, 2004.

Chris Henderson - Semitracks, Inc.

Chris worked in FA at Sandia Labs for seventeen years. He now has his own FA short course company called Semitracks. He lectures world wide in a range of failure analysis topics.

Lee Knaus - Neocera Corp.

Lee has worked on development of the Neocera Corp. Advanced Fault Isolation Microscopy system called SQUID. He was also the General Chair of the ISTFA conference in 2005.

Paul Kotula - Sandia Labs

Paul is a materials scientist with Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His specialty is elemental analysis.

Joe Michael - Sandia Labs

Joe is a materials scientist with Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of his specialties is FIB focused ion beam methods. He previously worked for Bethlehem Steel.

Tom Moore - Omniprobe, Inc.

Tom had a long career at Texas Instruments especially linked to the development of the scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) technique for defect inspection at the package level. He was also the General Chair of the ISTFA conference in 2003.

Dick Ross - IBM

Dick is the Manager of the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Group for IBM in Essex Junction, Vermont. He has given many lectures in FA particularly with respect to cost issues in management. He was also the General Chair of the ISTFA conference in 2001.

Mike Strizich - ASI

Mike is the founder and CEO of ASI Corp. specializing in failure analysis. He has extensive experience in many phases of failure analysis. Prior to setting up ASI, Mike worked in failure analysis in the Bay area including National Semiconductor.

Pai Tangyungyong - Sandia Labs

Pai has worked in FA at Sandia Labs for over fifteen years. He has won best papers awards at ISTFA. He has done atomic force microscopy at Sandia as well as co-developing critical path timing analysis tools.

Larry Wagner - Texas Instruments

Larry has been a senior manager at Texas Instruments for over fifteen years. He was the General chair of the ISTFA conference, Chair of the EDFAS society, and author of the book: “Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits; Tools and Techniques,” by Kluwer Academic Press, 1999.

Jerry Walraven - Sandia Labs

Jerry is a failure analyst at Sandia National Labs. His specialty is MEMS FA. He has given numerous lectures, tutorials, and short courses on FA topics.