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Troubleshooting Human Interaction

The complexity of your profession requires interaction with other experts to solve technical problems and make process improvements. Too often, problems arise between people that end up overshadowing the real technical issues you're trying to address. It's a frustrating, counterproductive experience that's only worsened by the recession, which is forcing everyone to do more with less. You just don't have time to worry about such abstract or childish notions as "personality conflicts" or "group tension." You need to be productive!

Don't worry about these problems. Solve them, or better yet, avoid them altogether!

Troubleshooting Human Interactions will equip you to do just that. Like your manufacturing and development processes, human interactions are driven by factors that are knowable and measurable. By learning to respond to observable data, you can improve your ability to get commitment from others, increase your value in any group situation, and free up your workplace "bandwidth" to focus on the issues, not the people.

This is not a "soft skills" class. It is an analytical approach to human interaction, presented by an engineer, for engineers and technical professionals at all levels. The instructor is an award winning author and an expert in the application of analytical models to human productivity.

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What Will I Learn By Taking This Class?

Graduates of this seminar will:

  1. Receive 45-50 pages of personalized assessment analysis which delineate individual behavioral style and motivational profile, including:
    • Talents, communication preferences, and problem solving approaches
    • Stress behaviors and perceptions by others of those behaviors
    • Work environment needs and preferences
  2. Develop an understanding of primary behavioral and motivational factors, and how they blend to create individual profiles
  3. Be able to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of various factors
  4. Experience enhanced communication with others by learning to make conscious adjustments
  5. More effectively lead, influence, or support work teams by understanding the behavioral and motivational profiles of both the individuals and the team
  6. Be better able to verbalize, appreciate, and benefit from the talents that others bring to the table, even those who at first glance appear "difficult"
  7. Resolve conflict and increase commitment through use of appropriate interactive approaches
  8. Communicate behavioral and motivational information in descriptive, neutral language, to facilitate the solution of interactive problems without using emotionally charged content
  9. Make a specific action plan for implementation after the seminar has ended

Instructional Strategy

Our courses are dynamic. We use a combination of instruction by lecture, problem solving, and question/answer sessions to give you the tools you need to excel. From the very first moments of the seminar until the last sentence of the training, the driving instructional factor is application.

Our instructors are internationally recognized experts. Our instructors have years of current and relevant experience in their fields. They're focused on answering your questions and teaching you what you need to know. Our instructional videos and follow-up information help you visualize the process. You'll leave the session with over fifty pages of reference material and personalized content and instructions to access refresher videos and follow-up activities to help support your application.

Instructor Profile

Edward Muzio

Edward Muzio

Mr. Muzio is the author of the award-winning book Four Secrets to Liking Your Work: You May Not Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want (FT Press, 2008) and a leader in the application of analytical models to group effectiveness and individual enjoyment. His second book, Make Work Great, will be released by McGraw-Hill in 2010. Originally trained as an ivy-league engineer, Ed has started organizations large and small, led global initiatives in technology development and employee recruitment, and published articles and refereed papers ranging from manufacturing strategy to the relationships between individual skills and output. Mr. Muzio's analytical approach to human productivity has been featured in national and international media, including CBS, Fox Business News, and The New York Post; he is a regular guest on CBS Interactive's BNET. With clients ranging from individual life coaches to the Fortune 500, he serves as an advisor and educator to professionals at all levels around the world. Prior to founding Group Harmonics, Mr. Muzio was President and Executive Director of a human services organization and a leader, mentor, and technologist within Intel Corporation and the Sematech consortium. A Cornell University graduate, Mr. Muzio's accomplishments include the creation and stewardship of a worldwide manufacturing infrastructure program, a nationally-recognized engineering development organization, and a non-profit organization providing residential services to at-risk youth in his home town of Albuquerque, NM.