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Device Physics

Device physics is fundamental to semiconductor technology in a number of ways. It is necessary to understand the behavior of transistors, both from a qualitative standpoint as well as from a more-detailed modeling standpoint. Device physics provides the basis for technology development. The path from junctions to bipolar junction transistors to MOSFETs to compound semiconductors relies on an in-depth understanding of device physics. Device physics also serves as the basis for understanding chip design and layout issues, fab processing issues, reliability physics issues, and analysis and characterization issues. While most engineers study this field in college, it is always good to review this topic and understand new developments in this area. This workspace provides that review and understanding necessary for semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

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Device Physics Basics


This course provides an introduction to device physics from a visual perspective. Device physics can be difficult to understand if one tries to delve into the complex mathematics associated with solid state and semiconductor behavior. A much easier way to understand device physics is to visualize the concepts. We work through the major concepts using images and animations to give the user an intuitive perspective of the subject.


Semiconductors and Carriers

Junction and Depletion Regions

PN Junctions and Diodes

Bipolar Transistor Basics

MOS Transistors

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Quiz: Semiconductors and Carriers

Quiz: Junctions and Depletion Regions

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Semiconductors and Carriers

Junctions and Depletion Regions

Additional Topics