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MIL-STD Training

Military Standard (MIL-STD) procedures dictate that various activities require trained operators. The standards of primary interest for this area are MIL-STD 883 and MIL-STD 750. This classroom contains courses on these topics. Right now, we have a course on Pre-Cap Visual Inspection loaded into this system. As we deliver courses on other MIL-STD topics, we will add them to this classroom.

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Pre-Cap Visual Inspection


One major activity that requires operator training for companies dealing with military components is Pre-Cap Visual Inspection. This is the inspection performed before sealing the lid onto a hermetically-sealed component. Operators must be trained to recognize defects that could later cause failure of the component. This course covers how to perform the inspection, what constitutes a potential defect, and the taxonomy of possible problems. We also provide tests to determine your skills once you have completed the training.


Introduction and Overview

Internal Visual Inspection for ICs - Part 1

Internal Visual Inspection for ICs - Part 2

Internal Visual Inspection for ICs - Part 3

Internal Visual Inspection for ICs - Part 4

Internal Visual Inspection for ICs - Part 5

Equipment for Pre-Cap Inspection