History and Background

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What is History Data?

History data is information about the past events that are relevant to the failure of the component. This includes manufacturing activities of the component such as wafer fabrication, wafer testing, packaging, package testing, burn-in, temperature testing, etc. It includes information related to the delivery of the component to the customer and customer receiving department testing. It includes information on the manufacturing activities of the installation and testing of the component in higher level assemblies, such as printed circuit boards and modules on up to system level testing. And it includes information on the delivery and use of the system by the system customer.

Why Acquire History Data?

Data on the history of the component can be crucial for the proper and efficient selection of the failure analysis procedures for the component. This information can be critical for the accurate determination of the root cause of failure. It also provides the background data needed for a complete record of the failure that can be used beneficially for the analysis of future failures.

How is History Data Acquired?

History data is usually acquired primarily from the customer who supplied the failure or the person requesting the analysis. When necessary or appropriate, some of this information may also be acquired from the component vendor or from the assembly or system manufacturer records. It is important to acquire as much historical information on the failure as possible prior to beginning the analysis. Doing this will help assure that analysis processes are not performed that may result in the alteration or loss of information needed for accurate determination of the root cause of failure.

When is History Data Acquired?

History data should be acquired at the beginning of the analysis. This information is vital in helping to determine how to structure and proceed with the analysis.

References on History Data

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